Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am Sick of Fire and Smoke

First - I think I love all firefighters. They are working so crazy hard at all the fires in California. Having said that, firemen, take no offence - I am bloody sick of fire, smoke and all the crap that goes with it. We have not seen blue sky in about 3 weeks. Today the ash is so thick it flutters in the air like snow flurries.... barf/gag. I knew today would be bad, when the orange/yellow haze was so thick this morning - it looked like night... then - eerie stillness this am.. no birds, no breeze, nothing.... we have been in the process of moving since december and are fully functional in our new house. the old house is filled with DH's parents' stuff (they died within 3 weeks of each other in March/April of 2008)... anyway - the "old" house was part of the newest evacutation today.. DH went to grab his mom's jewelry and DD's old HS yearbooks. She said if she ever had kids - she'd want to show her kids your old yearbooks.

So, here I am - if I get lung cancer - it will be due to these stupid fires.

SWAP updates: I mailed off my fiber swap package to someone is Singapore yesterday!! I can't say what it is....oh crap. I forgot to take pictures. Sheez. OK. So, this fiber swap is cool. There are 4 in the group. swap runs July/August/Sept. we "round robin" in the shipping of packages.. so we will each get a total of 3 fiber packages. Sweet!!

I have my HHHH swap buddy - also lives outside the USA!! I sent her an email re fiber she may prefer. We send 4 oz of spun and 4 oz of fiber. and other stuff if we want. Since my swap buddies are international. I plan on making it educational. My Singapore pal got some postcards showing my local area. HHHH buddy will get info on my town too.

SP12: I was blog snooping and got some ideas for a package tonight.. so I am off to go shopping later this week.

gotta run..


bockstark.knits said...

Awww, I feel for you and the smoke. I don't think I could take it either. Hugs to you! And dang, girl, you are in a lot of swaps! Glad you're enjoying it!

Megan said...
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Anonymous said...

I am sure the firemen don't take offense. They are most likely sick and tired of the smoke and flames too.

I'll be sending out a package later this week with a few things that will hopefully make you smile.

-Your SP12 Pal