Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flash Your Stash (like a drunk sorority girl)

FLASH YOUR STASH CHALLENGE: OK, I just made that up - but post pictures of your stash and a description of your stash and it's life expectancy - post a comment here and I'll draw a random name - winner gets - you got it - something from my stash.
My stash exceeds my life expectancy. Here are 3 pics of my stash closet. The floor is covered. Somewhere is one of those Costco clear tubs filled with crapy acrylic junk - we just won't go there. I can't find anyone I dislike enough to send it to. The big white blob with a black poofy thing on top is actually a lovely mesh bag containing the pattern (white blob) and yarn for the Knit PIcks' Tree of Life Afgan. You can see the yellow sheet of paper for my son's v-neck top down sweater and my size 25 knitting needles - A Stitches West find - and seveal knitting bags with projects inside. Can you see the basket - it's filled with "used" skeins of yarn from FOs - but I can't just discard the un-used yarn. You never know -sheep and alpaca my unionize and protest the shearing of fiber animals.. then where would I be?? I've taken a picture of part of the shelving. The bottom contains some baskets and what not of needle cases and supplies - the top shelve is actually somewhat organized. I have a tub (not pictured) of all my sock yarn, what you see is some of my handspun and lace weight skeins - Not pretty is it? I may need an intervention.
So FLASH YOUR STASH - post a comment and I'll draw names on July 17th - Thursday. To be "eligible" you must post pictures on your blog and leave a comment on my blog so I know you have "entered" - I'll post the winner and contact to get a mailing address for shipping of yarn from my stash.


rita said...

You know what, for once most of my stash is in the living room! We're getting ready to put hardwood in the living room, so to have room for all the crap in the living room, we took my stash (well, most of it) out of the guest room and will stick it in the garage until we get back from vacation. I'm ashamed to post photos of it, honestly. But I might do it, if I have time; I leave for Orlando early in the morning and have to finish packing first!

If I post photos on my blog, my husband will find out just how much I actually have! (There's a lot more in the garage!)

Megan said...

There's a picture of (most of) my stash here... http://tangledupinknots.blogspot.com/2008/03/30.html and it might not outlive me but I am pretty sure it will last until I have to pack for my move to the nursing home!

rita said...

Okay, I'm going to post the one photo of my stash that I took before I left home; there's more.